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Location#1: 2025 Radford Rd., Dubuque, IA 52002

Location#2: 2785 Pennsylvania Ave., Dubuque, IA 52001


Activities should be designed not only to your preferences and needs, but also to engage body, mind, and spirit. Activities play a vital role in helping us live as fully as possible. Learn more about us by scheduling your FREE trial day. Contact us at 563-690-6900.


Learn more about our activities and their importance.

Contact us at 563-690-6900.  

- Daily exercise class

- Reading and discussing current events

- Bingo and other group games

- Karaoke

- Arts and craft projects

- Music therapy

- Music, movies, television, and dancing

- Intergenerational interaction

- Physical therapy

Body, mind, and spirit

Active participation in activities enhances the elderly to sharpen their skills and talent, helping them to better understand their abilities.  We provide a full calendar of relevant activities and social events. The elderly can enjoy their stay with planned field trips, guest speakers and performers, computers skills, and pet therapy.


Special events and outdoor activities

Activity areas are large enough to comfortably accommodate groups. Other spaces such as indoor common areas or designated outside gardens and patios, can be used for a variety of small group or individual activities.

We offer independent or group activities

Discover our variety of daily activities